Be a Good Ass

“When you assume you make an Ass of of U and Me!” said the teacher at my management course. (Did you get it?)

That has always stuck with me in my work relationships, when I lead people and in my romantic world.

How has it felt when someone has assumed something about you?

When someone has assumed the worst in you, it feels mighty crappy doesn’t it?

That pit in your stomach, your eyes well up, your mind stewing over how someone could think you would be so terrible!! It really hurts to be painted the wrong way.

But I wonder how many times people around us have assumed the best about us and we haven’t really noticed?

This thought occurred to me the other day when I was hanging out with my husband.

When he does something to annoy me or forgets to pay a bill or says something to me that has potential to hurt my feelings.

I bet he assumes when I snap at him it’s because I’m really tired or I am having a grey day, I bet he assumes the best when I forget to load the dishwasher, I bet he assumes the best when I don’t listen to him properly.

Could I make a positive assumption each time?

Could I make a commitment to assume that he is a good guy and loves me more than anything in the world? Could I assume that he never sets out to hurt me?

I wonder how that would change my attitude towards him.

And what about assumptions in friendships?

Could I commit to assume that when a friend doesn’t text back for a week it’s because they are very busy and have alot going on? Could I assume that I am very much loved by my friends and that they want the best for me? Could I make the assumption that if someone wants to hang out, they will call?

I wonder how that would heal my insecurities, I wonder how my anxiety levels would decrease.

Assumptions my friend are good, when we assume the very best.

Being an Ass is inevetbale in this world, so why not be a good Ass with me and assume the best in the ones we love and maybe even in the ones we do not love so much.

Be free my friend

x Gem x