Self Care Now! 

Self care is a pretty big buzz word these days.
I think it’s great that we are all learning to take care of ourselves better, to refill our tanks intentionally before we burn out are no good to nobody. 

A short while ago, I stumbled across a profound truth when I was kneeding bread:

Self care is less about refilling an empty tank and more about digging a deeper well. 


If you living your life at a ridiculous pace, leaving no margin whatsoever to be present at any moment to allow yourself to enjoy anything, then self care may look like remaining horizontal from ‘TGIF until oh no its Monday again’. You might take a bath, eat a whole tub of icecream, take several naps and constantly crave the next holiday. Is anyone truly and deeply content living like this? I know I wasn’t.

Many Mothers struggle to find anytime to practice what we know to be “self care” because…you know….children. So how are they supposed to conform to the notion of self care being yet another list of things you’re supposed to fit into your day? 

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is so much more to self care than outward practices. 

But yes. Please. For the love of God. 

Slow the F down. 

The world will keep spinning without your constant involvement. Sorry #notsorry. But it will.

Self care for me lately has been in little moments where everyday life is inviting me to dig my well of contentment a little deeper just by savouring the moment I’m in. 

I’m reading this great book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and it has helped me shift my mindset. 

In it, Tolle poses a very challenging question: 

How much mental energy do you spend thinking about the past or considering something in the future?

Watch your thoughts for half a day and you’d be astonished. 

I saw that hardly any of my energies were placed in enjoying the gift that was in the present moment. 

So I’ve come to believe Self care is found in the Now

How liberating would it be to just allow your emotional and spiritual tank to be filled in the everyday, just by changing what you give you attention to? 

How much more joy might you feel? What would a catch up with a friend be like if you were 100% immersed in the gift of just being with them? (Rather than thinking of what you’re going to say next holaaa!) Would you love better? Would you be less anxious? 

I think Mr Tolle is really onto something divine.

These are the little moments of “now” that I have found recently: 

Particles of dust dancing in a sunbeam

Breathe entering and leaving my lungs as I woke up to the sound of my alarm

The warmth of a hug from my husband 

Sounds of birds chirping in the morning as I stepped outside my door 

The feeling of my heart pounding inside of my chest as I drove to work 

The smell of baking when I was cleaning the lounge room 

Looking into the eyes of a new friend sitting next to me at church 

A wafer dipped in wine hitting my lips during communion 

The feeling of pastel smudging underneath my fingertips when I drew a picture 

The warmth of the sun hitting my shoulders as walked to the grocery store 

Self Care is easy when you are in the Now

Self care is being content in the beauty that and love that already surrounds you.

Will you dig a deeper well and let your eyes be opened?

Give it a go! 

I commend you to try it.
Be free my friend 

x Gem x 

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