Confessions of a slightly dysfunctional millennial 

Here’s some fun confessions of weird little habits I have. Holla at me about some of your funny habits!! I know you’re out there and you my friend are just as weird as me..(if not weirder)


#1 Sometimes I eat on the toilet if it’s a really delicious snack 

#2 I hit the snooze alarm atleast 3 times in the morning 

#3 I ate a cheeseboard in the bath once 

#4 I clean my car on a biannual basis 

#5 I sit down in the shower. It’s relaxing and I can muse about life..or cry and feel really dramatic. How do you think I come up with these blog ideas!? 

6. I apologise to my dog every time I have to leave for work. 

7. I leave my laundry in the the washing machine too long…then I have to re-wash it and so the vicious cycle continues.

8. I’ll hoe into a Big Mac with a Coke Zero one night and the next day I’ll make a wilted kale salad blessed by Benedictine Monks.

9. I dust…when there’s a solar eclipse.

10. I never iron. ANYTHING.

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a slightly dysfunctional millennial 

  1. I buy sparkly, glittery bath bombs from Lush, the ones that are “meant” for little girls…. I indulge in soaking in a bathtub full of shimmering light and glitter. Just because…

    I fill up candy jars full of delicious looking lollies, just for display purposes and it drives visitors crazy to see it but not be allowed to eat anything. (usually because the lollies are old) by then. Lol…

    Now, do you feel better dear Gemma? :0)
    We are the dreamers, the kooky creative passionate, authentic souls. It’s ok to be weird and fluffy and a little special at times. It makes us, us.

    PS, I talk to my dog every chance I get, I apologise to her for having to go to work and make it up to her by buying her a Macca’s ice-cream cone, on occasion. All to herself. Plus, I make her bandanas…

    Can I join the weird tribe? xoxo

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