Confessions of a slightly dysfunctional millennial 

Here’s some fun confessions of weird little habits I have. Holla at me about some of your funny habits!! I know you’re out there and you my friend are just as weird as me..(if not weirder)


#1 Sometimes I eat on the toilet if it’s a really delicious snack 

#2 I hit the snooze alarm atleast 3 times in the morning 

#3 I ate a cheeseboard in the bath once 

#4 I clean my car on a biannual basis 

#5 I sit down in the shower. It’s relaxing and I can muse about life..or cry and feel really dramatic. How do you think I come up with these blog ideas!? 

6. I apologise to my dog every time I have to leave for work. 

7. I leave my laundry in the the washing machine too long…then I have to re-wash it and so the vicious cycle continues.

8. I’ll hoe into a Big Mac with a Coke Zero one night and the next day I’ll make a wilted kale salad blessed by Benedictine Monks.

9. I dust…when there’s a solar eclipse.

10. I never iron. ANYTHING.