Shame is like a vulture

It feeds off the deaths in your life

It feasts on destruction


Any small morsel of failure it can find in you

Standing tall


A Gloating stance

Perched confidently above you in the wirey trees

Why won’t you leave me alone and fly away!?

Perhaps it is because you are so well fed here

It thrives in the dry places of our soul

where there is little sign of life

He is always there

in the corner of your eye as you navigate the dry land

Waiting for you to fall

Pick! Pick! Pick!

Not good enough

Not good enough

Never ever good enough

Accusing tone

“Who are you to think you can make it out of here alive!”


Gnawing at my faults

Pulling at the weakest parts

Digging up writhing around with my past

Tugging at me when I am too exhausted to fight.

Where is my oasis?

Where can I escape from your constant swoops?

Ahhh that cool drink of water

A refreshing breeze!

Just when I thought all was lost.

I prayed to the Lord

And he answered me

He freed me from my fears

Those who look to Him for help

Will be radiant with Joy

No shadow of shame will darken their faces.

Psalm 34:4-7

The vulture flies away.


Be free my dear friend,

x Gem x

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