Have you ever had that moment where you felt like what you had to say just didn’t matter?

It could’ve been in a work meeting

A crowded room

In a fight with a loved one

Me too, I have had many times in my life where I have felt completely choked out


Yearning to heard

To be seen

But the desire returning so void

I think on some level everyone has felt this

It seems the world is hell bent on shutting us up

We do it to each other


We do it to ourselves







Are the comments I hear spinning around in my head as I try to make my way through this life

I find myself feeling so disqualified

So small

So insignificant

But as I sit in my little pity party, crying into some Ben & Jerrys..

The voice of infinite truth and wisdom whispers into my ear

“Being silenced in this world is inevitable

  But remaining silent is your choice”

I don’t know about you but something big is stirring within me

Like many rebels who have come before me

I am saying a bit fat NO to silence

I may not get the speaking roles I hope for

but I will continue to speak life into every person’s life that I touch

I will be that weirdo that encourages anyone and everyone in extravagant ways

From my closest friend to the shopping clerk

I may never have a gazillion people reading this blog

but I will keep pouring my heart onto these pages in the hope that just one person is inspired

I might be a complete sissy when it comes to hard conversations and shrink in fear at saying anything back

but I will continue to seek courage, forgive and try try again at this whole “truth in love” thing…even if its said through wobbly lips

Hey you

Yeah you

Your voice is worth listening to

Your voice matters!

The world is a little less beautiful when you stay silent

So tell me my friend,

What is it you have to say?


xx Gem xx


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