The things I said in 2016..


I have kept a diary since I was eight years old.

My bookshelf is bursting with all sorts of glittery,shabby,decorated diaries, filled with my experiences, comings and goings, and existential musings of the last eighteen years.

That time I had a crush on Legolas from Lord of the Rings (This filled most of my diaries as a nine year old)

That time I had to share a room with my sister and I wrote how I might plot her demise (Sorry Blaise)

Those troubling times where I was trying to make sense of the world

My first broken heart

My first day of highschool

It’s all there on paper

And man how precious they are to me.

Each year I take time to look over my diaries for that year.

I laugh, I cry, I smile at God’s faithfulness since then.

There’s nothing more cathartic than a little retrospective gratitude.

So I thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff I said in my diaries for 2016.

I hope you can relate, have a giggle or find some inspiration for your heart as you walk into 2017.

On Friendships..

” I have everything I need to be a great friend.”

” Before you knew it, we were no longer just making small talk. We were genuinely connecting with each other, woman to woman. Sharing our hearts authentically, the good, the bad, the ugly, our disappointments, our hopes deferred. I felt so honoured that a woman I hardly knew would trust me enough to hold her story- not to try and solve anything. Simply to hold the moment with her and comfort her with the “Me too.”

” I need to have a NO in my friendships, how I do I find a No?

On Marriage..

” We must let go of hurt and disappointment. We must learn to trust each other and ourselves again and again.”

” If love is patient, than so you must be.”

On God..

” He always sits you just a little outside of your capacity.”

” We are not God’s project. We are his prize!” (Credit to Relate Church)

On Self Care..

” To scone or not to scone…I sconed!”

” Sweet, delicious Cofffeeeeeeeeeee.”

On the Healing Process..

” It’s not all rainbows, Shalom, unicorns and doves raining down from the sky as I had imagined it would be. It’s hard, it’s messy, ugly, muddy, unclear, relentless and met with much resistance. But one day I know I will see the light of morning and my joy will return fuller than ever before.”

“I bet you monks don’t have to put up with this crap!!!”

“If you don’t have hope, what point would there be to keep going?”

” I am so loved, it’s going to be ok.”

On Laughter..

“Being deep all the time cannot be a good thing!”

On appreciating the little things..

“So today the sunshine is out and my heart is very happy”

On Religion..

“I am one big Catholic noob”

On Discipline..

” I am learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable”


I hope that 2017 is everything that you want it to be

and it if it isn’t, I hope it’s better.

Be Free in 2017 my Friend,

xx Gem xx

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