Hope in a Flat White

It’s hard at the moment 




Like a wire stripped of its protective covering

I try to hide

But the guilt meets me underneath the Doona


Puffy eyed

I have nothing left to give

The thing that keeps me going is the God smiles in little moments

Embraced by a loved one 

A call out of the blue from my Sister

An encouraging text

A handmade gift from a friend

The barista made my day today

He will probably never know

Just as I sat staring into space 

Numb and tired 

Down pops this prettiest thing I had seen all day

Little fluffy hearts floating in my flat white

What effort it would have took

To form those hearts around the edge

To make them look as if they were dancing 

I was filled with hope again as I gazed at this coffee made just for me

See there is beauty in the world

Even if I have no more energy to create it on my own

And I thought

Perhaps it is perfectly ok, 

Even necessary

To sit in a cafe

And watch the world keep turning

Without my participation

Without my striving

Without my input

To catch my breath as I sip my pretty flat white

And let my soul be filled once again

Be forever free my friend

x Gem x

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