The World is still Turning

The sun rose this morning

The man still walked his dog

The cafe still opens early for me to grab that first sip of goodness

My engine still revved when I turned the key

My husband is still snoring 

The cars still rush by 

Busily as they make the morning commute

The computers turn on

The emails come through 

A man peddles peddles along

The music on the radio echoes through our windows
I am still breathing 

My lungs expand
And I remember 
Who is really in charge
The creator of heaven and earth

The one who hung the stars in the sky

Who set the world into motion
He is the king above all kings

True ruler of the nations
Full of justice

Full of love
Full of grace and mercy

Especially for the least 

The vulnerable

The marginalised
I let my face turn to the sun

And remember who made it
And how powerful


and sovereign He is
The world is still turning folks
And the one in charge has a good plan

Even when we can’t see it
So breathe

And carry on with your day

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