She’s You

This Woman
Is your super hero

She is strong 

But a soft heart remains

She protects you every day

From danger

And danger perceived 

Has done since you were a little girl

Scared and unsure of the world around you

She’s been there from day one

She’s your guide

Your cheerleader

That small voice inside that says

You can do anything and be anything you want to be

She helps you to hold onto those dreams

That seem to be squished in the everyday grind

To believe in the divinity inside of you

To have the audacity to be different

She likes it when you are yourself

She gets sad when you say mean things to yourself 

Or become critical and compare yourself  to another beautiful being

She was there for you when you couldn’t cope with life

Wondering if it was worth going on another day

She fought for you

She told you “You are going to be ok”

She protected you from the critic

The one inside

And the one outside too

She was there when you were lost


Without hope

But she kept you going

Until you found it again

She has always been there

Your very own super hero

And she’s with you today

That super hero is you

Always has been

And always will be

Will you get to know her? 

She’s always waiting


And ready to be friends 

x Gem x

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