I have this conversation more often than I would like..

It goes like this:

” Oh hey gurrrl how you been!?”
” Oh gosh I have been soOooooO busyyyyyy”

Or this one
“So sorry we haven’t hung out, I’ve just been so heckers man!”
Or my favourite
” What you been up to?”
” ummmm…heaps ey im so busy”

It’s not secret that being “So busy” is praised in Western Society.

It’s sort of like that question we get asked constantly at parties or gatherings..
“So, what do you do?”
It seems we are conditioned to value what we do over who we are and we all unintentionally reinforce it with one another 

I am beginning to seriously question myself when I give that auto pilot answer 

“I’m so busy”
I just wonder if I’m actually being true to myself when I say that
Or am I using it as some lame excuse not to make time for people I love..or to make myself look important. 

(Because how could you possibly be important if you are not rushing around like a headless chicken?)

The truth is that my life is busy because I choose to live a busy life.
We all have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé 

and it is super lame of any of us to use “Busy” as an excuse to not be living the life we want to live.
And I would question whether busy is the best word to describe the life we can choose to live
I like the word

Much much better
Is your life Full and fulfilling?
Or busy and draining?

My calendar is chock full
And sometimes it’s plain rediculous:

I hardly ever get the 8 hours sleep I ambitiously vow to get each Sunday evening as I Self actualise my week
I work full time running 2 programs overseeing nearly 100 volunteers

I am a wife

I run a household

I have a dog

The food we eat is 99% prepared by me from scratch

I bake bread 

I do art

I write

I make time to excercise 4 times a week

I run my own social enterprise 

I prioritize spending time with good quality people 

I help a friend run her own not for profit

I make time for my Mum

I volunteer at church

I am somewhat addicted to watching Brooklyn 99 and Chef’s Table

I scroll on Pinterest every night 

I meditate almost every day

I’m not saying all this to prove how important and busy I am, I am saying it as a celebration of how full and fulfilling my life is.
I love the life I live, despite the heckerness

I have just decided I need to stop using busy as an excuse 

And stop blaming other people for being unfulfilled, constantly tired and unhappy

Life has its challenges and stretching seasons for sure 

But there is SO much freedom in

Owning our days
If you want to choose a full life then by all means do so, and celebrate all you get to see, do and experience
If you are too tired,

 Too busy

and not even doing things you like doing

Have a conversation with yourself

List out what fills you and what drains you

And do more of what fills you

And you will see a different you 

You owe it to your friends, your family and yourself

To live with radical intention

You live one life
Own it

No regrets
Be forever free my friend

x Gem x

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