Respect Yo Self

Pssst…I’ll let you in on a lil’secret…
I’m seeing a psychologist 
And she is the best
An ex-navy psych, mother of 2, swears like a sailor (go figure), funny but straight shooting
I mayyy have a bit of a psychcrush
I think its important to assert that there is no shame in getting help
And I intend to be open about it
And I invite you to join me
I’ve been laying out my many many MANY issues on her couch each fortnight and lately I’ve been sharing with her my deep rooted body issues

Heard this before?
I’m fat
I’m ugly
I’ll just end up obese and stuck inside my house
I can never get victory with my eating habits

The same broken record has been playing in my head since I was eight years old 
After I had divulged some my deepest darkest insecurities, She said something to me that has changed the way I think about my body forever

You seem so focused on what your body looks like that you are not appreciating what your body actually does for you.

It hit me like a breathe of fresh air
Everyday my body is doing things for me that are simply miraculous 
It breathes for me when I am asleep
It digests my food
It renews and heal itself 
And that’s just the beginning
So I’ve decided to respect my body
For real this time
No more standing in the mirror pinching my wobbly bits in disgust
No more weighing myself to determine my value in life
No more fretting every single morning that someone may ask me if I’m pregnant and I’ll have to reply ” Nope, just fat!” #Awkies
No more comparing 
No more name calling
I have started putting good food into my body, food closest to its natural state
I am doing excercise I actually enjoy like Yoga,Crossfit, hiking and cycling

I will keep dissecting my emotional eating demons rather than going on another “diet, shred, eating plan, whatever” but put the weight back on because I hadn’t dealt with the root problem 
I will walk my own path and hold people’s opinions lightly
Because I want to respect my body and my mental health deserves to be a priority
Today these statements are written on my mirror:
“My legs took me 15 km on a bush hike”
“I peddled 30km to see my sister”
Our bodies do AMAZING things for us everyday
And I am curious and excited to start respecting that
About my body
And yours
Respect you body and be free my friend 
x Gem x

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