The Free One


I jumped up on my bike today
I pedalled out of my road
Past all the little houses
To the valley
Where vinyards glow
It was a perfect autumn day
The sun danced in the trees
Birds flew overhead
My skin cooled in the breeze
Music filled my mind
From Blasko to the Kites
And although the trucks rushed by me
I didnt fret or fright
I trust myself
I trust the trucks
They wont let me fall
I dont remembered the last time
That I felt this free at all

For so long I hid you
Little free one
Afraid that you’d get hurt
Remember that time?!
My anxious one asserts

Today I soared above my fears
Upon my spinning bike
I let you rise above the worries I’d learnt to shield you in
And so we rode and rode and rode our bike
Till the sun tucked itself in.

Be free little one,

X Gem X

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