Kickin it like Kanye


Dat dat dat dat dat dont kill me
Can only make me strongerrr…

You know the rest

Well, despite how clichéd this statement has become. It really is undeniably true.
In my life
In your life
In our communities..

I’ve been chewing over how to follow on from my last blog post which was an honest account of the struggle I am in but more importantly the life saving value of having people around me in that place.

A few weeks on and life is feeling alot less…muddy.
Im still in the struggle
But strangely I’ve decided not to fight it
And that is where I am finding space to make peace with the ugly and unwanted parts of my inner world

Its the little wins my dear friend told me
Its the little wins we must celebrate in our days

Today’s win was jumping on my bike to ride around the Valley
Yesterday was getting to sleep peacefully
The day before was a real change of perspective on my past

Little wins
High five for me!
It’s good to have some friends who will high five you too
The same ones who sit with you in the dark when you need it.

What little win can you give yourself a high five for today?
Because I reckon that although these little wins can often seem so small in the struggles and stretchings of life, its what keeps us going.
It is what helps us get stronger and healthier.

Write it down
Tell a friend
And tomorrows sun will shine all the brighter

I promise you

X Gem X

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