On Running..

So recently I’ve started running

Its like walking but you speed your self up to a quicker pace. Imagine (in my case) a wounded horse trying to gallop away from a predator.

Now don’t worry friend this is not a blog where I carry on like a lamb chop about how great it is to be getting healthy, how the feel of sweat on my body is better then a good sleep in or how I invigorating it is to be pounding my feet to floor to the beat of David Guetta’s ft. Sia’s Titaaaaniiiuuuuuummm!!!!


There’s this Worldwide phenomena thing called Parkrun where people voluntarily sign to to rock up their local park at 8am on a Saturday morning and run 5km with a bunch of people and they time you and stuff and then you get some free fruit at the end.

I remember last year sitting in my local cafe and watching these lycra wearing, unnervingly ambitious people jogging past me as I sipped my flat white and thought… “What a bunch of nutjobs! Why would anyone want to do that on a Saturday!?” This is a day of leisure! Surely these people don’t enjoy doing this on a Saturday? Have they heard of Netflix and chill!?

Hardly anyone actually enjoys running.

And if they tell you they do, 99 % of the time they are lying. Now don’t get me wrong. A huge amount of people who run like the results running produces.

A new PB hit, A longer distance, a sense of achievement, weight loss, a more toned body, the stress relieving endorphins, the list goes on…

But Please do not tell me anyone enjoys the feeling of your lungs about to implode, the aching parts of your legs you didn’t even know existed, the sweat around your eyeballs, heavy breathing that convinces you that are infact about to die (“Tell my kids I love them!), chaffing, blisters on your feet…to name a few.

Seriously…..Why would anyone inflict that on themselves?

Apparently me.

Ironically I became one of “those nutjobs” today and did the Parkrun with my friend (with whom I made fun of these people last year).

And my Dog, (who I’m convinced has ADD) needs regular running to exert his energy. My vet actually told me that I could run him 10km twice a day and that would do just fine.

Excuse me lady? 10km? twice a day? Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

But I am giving this whole running deal a good ol’ crack.

And even though I am usually hating each minute of running with the exception being when a great Lady Gaga song pops onto my Ipod, the benefits of it are showing.

Ive lost 5kg, I’m sleeping better, my moods have improved and I just feel super achieved every time I drag me and my dog out their for a little self inflicted torture.

So give running a go. Just put one foot in front of the other and before you know it, your creating a healthier, happier, more resilient you.

Be free my friend,

x Gem x




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