Birthday Musings


So today is my birthday!

I am turning 25 which I find thrilling. 

No longer am I in “my early 20’s” but I am in “my mid twenties!”. I hypothesise that people tend to take you a bit more seriously at 25. We shall see…

I’m not going to lie I become a complete child when it comes to my birthday. 

I jump up and down giddily infront of my cake when everyone’s singing happy birthday to me, I tell everyone and I mean EVERYONE that’s it’s my birthday…even the petrol station clerk. 

I loove my birthday. 

My husband’s side of the family have this fabulous tradition where we have a special dinner for the birthday boy/girl and over cake we go round and say some things we love about that person or a funny story that highlights who they are. 

Finally my turn came! 

People said some of the most heartfelt, encouraging things I’d ever received in my life. Some things I’d had no idea they thought about me or how I have impacted their life in a positive way. How lucky they feel I’m in their family, how Adam got a keeper! 

It left me wondering, is this why I like birthdays so much? Because people celebrate me….just the way I am?

I wrestle constantly with not feeling good enough, I totally work on it all the time but in some part of my day, that nagging worry pops up and I have to fight through.

After driving away from my birthday dinner, I felt invincible. I felt like I could conquer everything I battle and achieve everything I dream for.


Because I am loved and I have a squad behind me that honestly thinks I’m the bom dot com.

It left me thinking, 

What if we were treated like it was our birthday everyday?

Obviously we wouldnt go round singing you happy birthday off key all the time and I’m not sure we would want to get diabetes from eating birthday cake constantly. 

But I wonder how our worlds would change (especially our internal ones) if we were told the great things about us every single day. Even if it was by just one person? 

I get the feeling that a lot of you wonder through your day….

Am I good enough? did I do a good job? Will this fight ever end? Does anyone care? Do I make a difference? Am I truly loved for me?

We can’t change people’s words, you can only change your own.

After my birthday dinner I was so convicted to treat people that it’s their birthday every day.

Compliment their outfit choice and really genuinely mean it.

Tell them an awesome aspect of their personality even if it’s awkward.

Call out greatness in them when they are slumping their shoulders in exhaustion.

Overlook an offense and instead do a kind thing for them, no matter how small.

As the old saying goes, we are all fighting a battle. And I just believe that a little more birthday like treatment of those around us would give them the wind if their sails that they need to push on that little further.

Ps: FYI I like candles, tea and antique teacups……
Be forever free my friend,
x Gem x

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