That Question..


This week I was invited to hang at my friend Georgia’s house with my sister in law, Meg.

In our part of the world we call it a connect group, other parts of the world might call it a cell group, life group or perhaps group counselling (jokes) 

It’s where you intentially make time once a fortnight to talk with people about faith, struggles, hopes, dreams and the nitty gritty of life.

Now I know to some of your reading this that just sounds plain weird and scary, especially when you’re roped into joining a group of people you hardly even know and your expected to get along with them and trust them with your deepest insecurities. 

I couldn’t agree more.

But I think it’s magical when you take that leap of faith and begin to let your life rub up against people doing the same journey. And if you hate it you could just start your own cooler, less awkward group with your cat..

What I particularly enjoy about my friend Georgia is that she is strange.

Not in a weird, off putting kind of way. 

But in a captivating, inspiring and exciting kind of way.

You know those people you know who you just know are from planet Awesome and you walk away just wanting to have some of what they’re smoking? 

That’s my friend Georgia.

Whenever I’m around her, I feel like I could do anything I wanted to do and not care about that haters.

So we all chatted over carrots and grapes about what we felt this year held for us as people and what we really wanted to be deep within our hearts.

It’s not a conversation you get to have everyday is it?

It’s so refreshing to move past the constant “fine thanks” “yeah the dog’s going well” “How about that weather!?” Surface talk.

When it came my turn to share what I really wanted to do in life I contently shared about how I love where I’m at and I’m just happy going along with this adventure that I’m living, I know God has big plans for me around communication, creativity and compassionate pursuits.

Georgia didn’t seem to think that answer sufficed….

She looked at me, as if into my soul and asked a gut wrenching question:

“What do you yearn for?”

Before I could even filter my thoughts, my heart jumped up into my mouth and took control of my vocal cords and out spilled 

” I yearn to be a mum!”

*Cue the waterworks….

See all of what I said initially was completely true, but it wasn’t the whole truth.

Bare, rare and authentically on the table. 

I felt safe in that space to let that out to them because I felt cared about deeply as a whole person.

Truth is I’ve got a while to go before my husband and I are ready to have kids of our own so I didn’t throw my pill pescription in the furnace as soon as I got home from the connect group.

I was more impacted by the power of her question..

What questions do you wish people asked you? 

What would it reveal?

After this encounter with my weird and wonderful friend Gorgia. I am so determined to observe those I love around me, be thoughtful about their world’s, not just however it circulates around my own. I resolve to ask questions that cut through the facade and into people’s hearts. Not to make them cry (I’m not a sociopath) 

But I believe that people want real, they want to be comforted about stuff they might hide and they yearn to be encouraged about the things that really matter to them.

But we have create space for those conversations, we can make time, we can open up our homes and we can become great question askers.

What question do you need to ask a Friend today? 

It might just set them free.

Have a beautiful day my friend, 

 x Gem x

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