Only you satisfy my soul


Nothing tangible comes close

Nothing else can touch it

(Even if it’s the cake I shove in my mouth)

You affirm those hidden parts of me that feel so inadequate

And you mend the parts that are fractured and you restore them completely 

Waves of grace and truth wash over my insecurities, my unforgiveness, my indifference…

as if they were clumps of salt

You comfort me, like a Dadda holding me safely in your arms 

Speaking peace over my broken and striving heart 

 You grab me by the shoulders and remind me just who is on my side 

How much love  and great power is behind me in this journey called life 

You shine fresh mercy over me in the first light of the morning 

And you help me release the burdens I picked up at the last golden glimmer of the day

And I’m reminded I can trust you completely.

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