It Begins…

You know those books you start to read and you simply cannot put them down?

Well this past week I picked up a book my boss gave me, its called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. You know, she wrote Eat, Pray,Love? I have been captivated ever since I laid my eyes on the first page. I was lucky enough to have 10 glorious days off work for the christmas break and so I find myself with the luxury of some spare time.

So today I plopped myself where I actually have never plopped…In the reading nook we made in our house 5 months ago.

What a great feeling sitting in my chair, cup of chai in hand, Doug the Spug by my side, the afternoon sun kissing me through the blinds and nothing but this moment and my new book.

No pressure to be somewhere else, complete permission to relax.

This book is Elizabeth’s book on how she lives a truly creative life, she shares her methods, her beliefs and her failures and like a stern mother, she kind of tells you to get a grip..more than a few times!!

Today I nearly fell off my antique chair when I read these words:

” You do no need a permission slip from the principal’s office to live a creative life. Or if you do worry that you need a permission slip- THERE, I just gave it you. I just wrote it on the back of an old shopping list. Consider yourself fully accredited.                                                                                                                                              Now, go make something.”

Now, go make something.That last sentence hit me in a way I did not expect, I am someone who just bleeds creativity. I am always creating, I do need permission and accept freely this is simply how I am and I rejoice in it. But I think the last sentence spoke to me about something I have been avoiding.

What I heard was when I fell half off my chair:

“Now Gemma, go write that blog. Its new years day what a perfect time to start.”


I think my hesitation to start a blog is that insistent and believable voice that says.

“Who are YOU to think you have something to say?”

“Oh yes, very original Gemma start a blog just like everyone else, don’t be so mainstream.”

“Pssshh, no one’s going to read it anyway, why bother, keep your musings to yourself in your journals.”

“You’re not a writer Gemma, YOU SUCK!!”

Sound familiar?

But something broke through to me when I read those blessed words by Liz.

I was given permission to try.

As a visual artist, you learn not to be so precious about your work, it actually sabotages your creative journey. You’re encouraged to play, to gather inspiration, to put it out there, to do it for no other reason than the fact that you simply cannot help it. So, surely I can apply this mentality to blogging.

So here I am, giving it an un-precious, obedient go.

I hope this blog inspires you somehow, because I don’t believe that creative voice is nagging me for the sake of being annoying. Maybe there’s something you’ve been putting off because you are afraid….

Come on, do it afraid with me!

Live Free my friend,

xx Love Gem xx



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